Verhale van Vrouwees - CD

Verhale van Vrouwees

On this CD I tell the true life stories of 4 ordinary South African women. I believe that there is value and healing when we share our stories with one another. Therefore with this CD I try to create the opportunity for women to share their stories with one another. Maybe it will give you hope.

Maybe you will laugh, or cry, or recognise yourself in someone else's story and realize you are not that alone. Whatever your experience, my wish is that you will realise, just like me that there is always hope. Womanhood is a blessing. It is precious. Be a woman, live it and share it. There are may like me and you!

This CD is only available in Afrikaans.

Track listing:

1. Inleiding
2. Die deur
3. Hy noem my Trudie
4. Dans met die rooirok
5. Mooi van binne
6. ‘n Persoonlike woord