Painless childbirth

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I am currently busy working on an article on painless childbirth. Is it possible to experience labour without "pain" or are we condemned to the typical "movie labour" where the women are in excruciating pain.

What is your opinion / experience? Please use the comment link at the bottom of this article to post your comment before I will share my ideas.



I believe one can have painless childbirth, but I don't know if we can ALWAYS chose it, just as healing is ours but sometimes we just don't "get it"(?). However, I believe that as blood-washed believers in Jesus Christ, we can believe God for it, and walk in it... the more our minds are renevewed in His word and love for us, the more we walk in and live in His promises and victory and lordship on earth as He promised to Adam & Eve before the fall, and as are our inheritance through Jesus, the 2nd Adam.

My experience: when my waters broke Sep.2003 and I went into hospital, I was told that my contractions were huge and every 10 min's. Staff were very surprised that I didn't feel A THING, that's right, not a thing!!! I couldn't feel contractions or pain or anything.
BUT, they put in my head that the paedeatricians always want baby to be born within 24 hrs after waters break in case of infection. So they induced me. Then I felt pain, pain worse than ever, and it caused my virgina to shut closed. This went on for many hours until the next day they did a Caesar!!! And so the interferance of man flawed that beautiful thing which God was doing!!! I'm thankful that I have a beautiful (nearly 8 years old) daughter, but I do wish I had rather had her at home without the silly interferance of man. I KNOW I would've given birth naturally and with hardly any or possibly no pain at all.
I also wish my mother had told me during my life and especially during my pregnancy and mostly toward the end of it, that her waters broke and she only went in 24+ hrs later!!! I probably would've given natural birth before I even went it!

BTW. I'm an old friend of Sonja from Worcester (since 1985) - as on your home page. Just wanted to mention to anyone who might see it, that she is founder & CEO of WORCESTER HOUSE OF HOPE, in case anyone wants to look them up... I don't think you mentioned that on your home page. This is a home to abused women & children that she had a vision since her teens to start, and opened on her 40th birthday. She's a wonderful friend and inspiration. I have started CARDINAL HALYARD (you can look us up on the web), an NPO for vulnerable women & children, & their families. We have a safe house, and are in the process of getting things in order so as to register a boarding school for the under-priviledged. We also strive to save babies abortion, and hope - in the next few months - to do so through having a presence in clinics, etc., offering adoption rather than abortion. Please pray for us, for a path through all the "red tape" like that of Israel through the Red Sea! And pray for His abiding Presence to be so real, so thick, always...

Thank you and God bless,
Galinda Nelson,

Painless Childbirth

HI Sonja,
I don't think there is such a thing as painless childbirth. I have had 2x c-sections and even though it is suposed to be painless I think it is at times worse than natural... This is why I think so... Not only are you super nervious but to start off with you have to get the epidual. The locan anethestic is super painful and then with my second birth I almost got sick over everyone once they put the needle down my spine.
My c-section had to be done on my side as I had a problem with the collateral veins not working too well and if I was on my back I would pass out, because of this they did not have too much time to get Sebastian out resulting in a very big cut...
Even thoug the procedure itself is relatively painless the recovery is a whole different story. The pain is super hectic. Trying to breasfeed after a c-section is excrutiating. Imagen having contractions while the baby suckels when you have just had major surgery. Wow that is something I can hardly put into words. Then lets not even talk about a sneeze, it feels as if the stitches are going to split open any second.
It has been 9 months and trust me the cut is still very sensive and the tissue around it has no feeling.

So NO... It is never painless it does not matter who tries to convince you otherwise.

Have a great day and take care!!!