Trudy Boshoff

Die aand met my optrede in Oos-londen in Meimaand die jaar sal ek nooit vergeet nie, want daardie aand was ek so siek met griep en het ek ook my stem verloor.
Maar die ligpunt van my program was die erkenning wat ek kon gee aan 'n vrou wat maar net nie gaan l√™ nie - Trudy Boshoff. Ek het haar gevra om haar storie vir my te stuur in haar eie woorde en ek plaas dit graag. Dit is nie 'n lang storie nie, maar as mens tussen die lyne lees, dan sien jy net hierdie vrou se deursettingsvermo√ę en onblusbare gees wat enige iemand moed sal gee!
Sy het 'n rukkie geneem om haar storie vir my te stuur want sy was baie siek met brongitis, maar hier gesels sy:

"My name is Trudy Boshoff and my husband Hennie and I have been happily married for 44 years. I have always been a church goer, but in 1975 I gave my heart to the Lord.

My husband accepted the Lord in 1982 and we adopted two beautiful children when they were both twelve days old and they are truly gifts from God.

In 1985 I became a diabetic and was quite distort at the time, but I never stopped ministering to people in hospital and talking about the Lord to people, as it has always been my passion and ministry.

In 1995 I lost a leg due to diabetis, after struggling for months with pain and ulcers.

My amputation was a total miracle from God. I had the operation on the Thursday and on the Sunday the surgeon said I could go home. Arriving home, with the help of my husband, I washed my hair, had a shower and on the Monday I started baking from my wheel chair, as I bake for a living. From my wheelchair, I did my hospital visitation and went praying for the sick, as this is my ministry.

Four months after my amputation, I could walk with my prosthetic leg and I still do, although I have developed a very sore back, but with the assistance of a walking stick I do get around.
In November 2010 my kidneys started failing and in January this year I had to go on diallysis.
At first it was very difficult to find the routine to go to the clinic three times a week and be on the diallysis machine for 4 hours at a time, but with the Grace of God I am now doing fine as I spend my time praying and ministering to people.

My husband also lost his leg.

But together with our son we serve in the church's healing rooms where a group of us pray for those who have needs every Thursday night. We have experienced mighty miracles of God in this ministry.

I just want to give God all the glory for my life and will serve Him no matter what comes my way - and whoever is reading this story, I would like to encourage you.
It does not matter what may happen to you or what hardships you may go through, Jesus will answer your prayers and give you the courage and the power to push forward. He only wants the best for you.
(Jer 29:11.)

I pray that my story will encourage you to press in and on and to serve Him because God loves you so much.
Never stop serving Him, because you will be rewarded and God will bless you in a very special way."

With much love
Trudy Boshoff